Our Top 5 Tips For Taking Beautiful Holiday Photos

WRITTEN BY: Robyn Lee  20/12/2011 13:39


With Christmas just around the corner (yikes, it's only 5 days away!), it's time to dust off the cameras and get ready to take photos of the festivities around you. Among the hustle and bustle of the season, we might end up with the almost-perfect shot, so here are top 5 tips from us and our friends to help you capture that perfect christmas moment:


1. Always Be Prepared

There's nothing worse than having to yell out 'wait wait! let me get the camera first' just as something exciting is about to happen - let's face it, that's a serious mood killjoy. Don't forget to set up the camera on a tripod before hand, or just make sure your camera is always within arm's reach for the day. If you have an extra battery/memory card (for digital cameras) or an extra film roll (for good ol' analogue), make sure they're (charged and) kept nearby so that you'll never be caught off guard when it's time to get snapping.


2. Even If It's Something You Do Every Year, Capture It Still

Each family has it's own Christmas tradition, be it putting up the tree together, arranging presents a certain way, hanging up the stockings by the fireplace, etc. Yes, you might get photos of everyone doing almost exactly the same thing every year, but 20 years down the line you might look back on 20 years worth of photos and you can see exactly how everyone grew through that period.


3. Don't Just Photograph The Unwrapping

How many of us look back on holiday albums and realise that we have maybe 1 too many photos of people unwrapping presents? Don't just photograph the act of unwrapping - photograph the gifts being used too. How about that PS3 that your kids were given for christmas? Take them playing with it - it'll capture the joy the gift brings them and it'll let the person who gave them the gift know exactly how they brightened up their lives.


4. Don't Always Say Cheese!

Posed shots are great, but sometimes candid shots are even better. Aside from the unglam shots of people mid-chew, moments where people are first greeting each other or have just shared some great news really do make lovely shots. Capture real emotions as they unfold in the joy and spirit of Christmas.


5. Have Fun

Sometimes you get too caught up in trying to capture the perfect moment that you forget to look outside of the lens - you might be missing out in something spectacular. Once in a while, get in the middle of the action and then take your shot, you may not capture everyone in the picture, but your image will translate the excitement you experience being right in the heart of the action.


Wishing you all a happy yuletide season!